Pensione Marconi 30 years in the heart of Bologna.

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To sleep in Bologna means to wake up and admire porticos and monumental villas waiting to be discovered, museums, cultural trails, events and conferences, concerts, and daily fairs for every taste.  To visit Bologna means to immerse oneself in a city with a Medieval flairand hiding historical gems, a city at everyone’s reach.  Visiting it, you will find yourself at home, cuddled by events taking place in every season.

A lot of history, a lot of museums. By staying at the hotel near train station Bologna, it is possible to travel back in history. The Archeological Civic Museum is considered one of the most prestigious city’s institutions, housed in the Galvani Palace, built in the 1400’s. It showcases pieces from the Old Kingdom to the Ptolemaic Epoch, a Pre-historical section featuring artefacts from the Lower Paleolithic to the Final Bronze Age;  the Etruscan Collection; the Greek Collection, featuring a rich collection of ceramic, gold and precious-stone artefacts; the Roman Collection, and Egyptian artefacts. The Ghisilardi-Fava Palace houses the Medieval Museum, which showcases pieces from the city’s Medieval past. And, the Risorgimento Museum, the Ustica Memorial Museum, the International Museum featuring a rich Music Library, and the Jewish Museum.

Art Trails. Sleeping in Bologna means to wake up among exclusive art trails. The gallery and seat of the Fine Arts Academy is the National Art Gallery, featuring sections subdivided by historical periods, from the XIII and XIV centuries to the Renaissance (Raphael, Perugino, Tintoretto, etc.), to the Mannerism (Giorgio Vasari, Bartolomeo Cesi, etc.), and the Baroque Age (Carracci, Guercino, etc).  It is also possible to attend conventions, seminars, temporary exhibits and learning activities. A wonderful location offering an extraordinary view or simply the opportunity to sit down to sip a drink is the nearby Mambo, Bologna’s Modern Art Museum, featuring a permanent collection of contemporary art. The Civic Museum of Industrial Art houses a collection of applied and decorative art featuring paintings and crafts tools inspired by artisanal jobs.

Bologna for culture: events . The year of Bologna culture begins in September with Danza Urbana and the Artelibra Festival, celebrating Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage.  Book you hotel in advance to sleep in Bologna , because you don’t want to miss the much sought-after Cersaie, the International Ceramic Exhibit, featuring workshops, round tables, and exhibits. The Robot Festival is dedicated to digital art and electronic music, while the Gender Bender offers images of contemporary art focusing upon the human body, gender identity and sexual orientation. And, also the Biografilm Festival dedicated to movies, Bologna Jazz, Bilbolbul, dedicated to cartoon-strips, IT.A.CA, festival of eco-friendly tourism,  Artefiera, Art City and much more. Living Bologna is a never-ending vacation.