Pensione Marconi 30 years in the heart of Bologna.

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To begin your trips and discover the many food and wine trails offered by Italy’s most Epicurean city, you must stay at our discount hotel in Bologna . Indeed, eating and drinking well is Bologna’s historic culture, which earned it the nickname of “fat city”. The many food and wine trails it offers and the must-not-miss stops to taste local products prepared as they were long ago, allow visitors to know and experiment with culinary arts like home-made pasta, the Sangiovese doc wine, and grandpa’s tigelle (small flatbreads).

At the Mercato di mezzo with tigelle and crescentine . Start your trip from the Pensione Marconi, located in the heart of Bologna, and enter the narrow alleys of the Quadrilatero to access the picturesque area of the  Mercato di mezzo, a network of narrow streets named after the category of artisans and salesmen who occupied them (Draperies, Goldsmiths, Locksmiths, and Old Fisheries). Here, it is possible to taste local food specialties, like tortellini, lasagne, tagliatelle, tortelloni di ricotta (large ricotta cheese pasta pockets), and, again, vegetables, cured meats, meats, and cheeses accompanied by tigelle and crescentine (typical small flatbreads).  And your tastebuds will rejoice under Sangiovese, Lambrusco, Albana and Trebbiano. Another wonderful destination for an evening among friends surrounded by delicious food, is the Mercato delle Erbe (Herb Market), a covered market by day, which, in the evening, transforms its food stands in bistros where local products are prepared under the “Km 0” guidelines (i.e., utilizing only locally produced ingredients).

Guided Tours in Laboratories and Wineries. To partake in events like Cinema divino, the bread weekend,  Enologica (a wine festival) and the many food & wine fairs, stay overnight at the discount hotel in Bologna. It is worth it!  At tourists’ repeat requests, many stores and wineries allow guided visits of their laboratories.  The purpose of these tours is to see how great food is made, and visitors to test their culinary abilities and bring home a handmade tortellino.  Wineries open their gates to tell their story, talk about wine and walk visitors through all productions phases, from wine harvesting to wine in the glass.

At the end: sweets, the magic of chocolate and raviole . For sure, you will return to your hotel with a full belly, because Bologna can also showcase its long-dated tradition of chocolate production. Its best known producer is Majani, founded in 1700, and well known today for its Fiat chocolates, its Scorza chocolate, named after tree bark, and chocolate tortellini. Rich and sumptuous, typical Bologna sweet production also features dry pastries, like the jam and shortbread raviole, sweet bread with candid fruit, pinza con mostarda (rolled dough filled with a local jam made of candied fruit and a mustard-flavored syrup), almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, dried figs, cocoa powder, and rum.  It would not be Christmas in Bologna without the Torta degli Addobbi, made with rice, sugar, candied cedar, almonds, lemon, and maraschino liqueur.